6 months FREE Dedicated Server

For a limited time, you can now get 6 months FREE Dedicated server hosting when you sign up for an Hostgee Dedicated package.

Enterprise hardware, Hostgee performance

Our dedicated server solutions will offer anyone a streamlined upgrade path from a VPS, and as always at Hostgee we utilise only the highest grade of infrastructure; guaranteeing performance and reliability.


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Look through our complete Dedicated server catalog in one easy-to-sort list. You can find a varying range of Single and Dual Processor servers that have a range of RAM and Storage options.
Great for: High Traffic Sites & Apps, Database Hosting, File Server Hosting, Dedicated Hosting in Saudi Arabia

Included with your server

Bandwidth100 Mbps500 Mbps250 Mbps
Additional 256 IPs$9.49 ex. VAT /IP$9.49 ex. VAT /IP$9.49 ex. VAT /IP
Free Anti-DDoS Prodonedonedone
Root accessdonedonedone
Available OS   
Windows Server$26.00 USD$26.00 USD$26.00 USD
Phone Support-donedone
Live Chatdonedonedone
More Features   
Availability (SLA)99.95%99.95%99.95%
Setup feesNoNoNo

Terms & Conditions

1 month of free hosting on the first invoice on a 6 months agreement; 3 months of free hosting on the first invoice on a 12 months agreement; 6 months of free hosting on the first invoice on a 24 months agreement. Exclusion: additional IPs, monthly bandwidth overage.

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